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Welcome to, where we have gathered all the information you need to help you better understand Baccarat, as well as how to wager and win at one of the world’s classiest card games. This is the place to find insights garnered during centuries of Baccarat play, from the original game that was based on Tarot cards to the very latest versions played today.

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No other web site has examined this fascinating table game from so many angles. You are about to discover that there is much more to successful play than correctly guessing whether the Banker or Player hand will win the next deal.

Online Baccarat Basics

We begin by exploring the colorful history of Baccarat and how it traveled from Italy and grew up in France into Baccarat Chemin de Fer—a game rarely seen today, but which has served as the foundation for all other forms of he game. Here is a complete glossary of Baccarat terms here, to assist new players and experienced punters alike in deciphering the lingo that is heard at the table—cheval, coup, egalite, fade, modelo 10, and so much more.

The basics of how to play Baccarat are covered in detail, along with an excellent summary of the Baccarat Rules that are common to all versions of the game. We also take a good look at the evolution of the Baccarat table layout and the standard variations that are seen in casinos today.

An understanding of Baccarat Odds is essential to developing Baccarat Strategies that work. It is not the “coin flip” that many believe it to be. Why is a wager on the Banker hand always the best bet? Why should betting on the Tie always be avoided? The answers are in the math, and the math is right here in simple terms that anyone can easily understand.

We also delve into Baccarat Systems—ways of playing that have a high likelihood of success. The section on Winning at Baccarat examines both long-term and short-term prospects of walking away from the table ahead, as well as the effects of fewer decks on the probabilities.

Play Baccarat Online

One of the most confusing aspects of Baccarat is the many versions of the game that exist. It is played differently in Europe than in North America, and we go into all of the specifics of what sets the games apart. We recommend reading the section on Baccarat Chemin de Fer first to gain an understanding of the French form of the game that serves as the foundation for all others.

From there, turn to Baccarat en Banque, so-called Banker’s Baccarat, which revolutionized the way the game is played and turned it into a regular feature in casinos throughout Europe. Then, travel to the Americas to discover Punto Banco, a very different version from the original, indeed. It was the model for what is now known as American Baccarat. You’ll see exactly how the two interrelate and the rules are spelled out in such a way that they are quite easy to remember.

Of course, Mini Baccarat is treated in detail. It is the most widespread form of the game today and also the easiest to access, thanks to lower stakes and its location the pit area of casinos rather than private room.

But those are not the only Baccarat Variations we cover. Some of the less common versions, such as Three-Card Baccarat, Double Fortune Baccarat, and No Commission Baccarat are also described here. And one section is devoted entirely to the High Stakes form of the game—a primer for those who intend to become high rollers eventually.

Playing Real Money Baccarat Online

As Baccarat has gone from being a secretive pastime of the rich and famous to a more mass-market casino table game, many colorful individuals have had a hand in its growing popularity. Mr. Bet-a-Million, the Nine-of-Diamonds Greek, and the Father of American Baccarat are just a sampling of the interesting characters we have collected in our section on Baccarat Personalities. Their stories are both intriguing and instructive.

Also fascinating are the cautionary tales of Baccarat Cheating that we have included. In spite of Baccarat’s high-class image, it still has attracted its fair share of scoundrels over time. Read about some of them here along with the surprising ways in which they have attempted, occasionally with success, to defraud casinos at their Baccarat tables.

To help newcomers get the very most out of their experiences playing Baccarat, we’ve have gone into depth on Baccarat etiquette, listing the various Do’s and Don’ts of this exceedingly straight-laced game. There is one other section full of Baccarat Tips that can help beginning, intermediate, and advanced players alike improve their game.

Those who read through this broad and deep collection of Baccarat knowledge are sure to pick up many bankable insights. Why not start profiting right now? Let Real Money take your game to the next level of play.

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